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Mystery Shops

We provide all types of mystery shops but specialize in video. Our results are used by companies to track, monitor and analyze specific information about their products and services and to enhance customer relations.

Data Management

With the dynamic reporting capabilities of our mystery shops, see the trends and history of a company, its regions, locations and/or employees. The more shops, the more detailed the reports.

Custom Surveys

Collect customized feedback regarding business or website information directly from customers or our shoppers. Surveys can even be given unique web links, making sharing easy.

Training & Consulting

We offer a variety of interactive small and large group training workshops focused specifically on sales and service; often we are able to utilize the results of shops to customize the sessions based on performance trending.

Video Mystery Shops: See What You're Missing!

Since 2002, Business Observations has continued to grow and provide customizable services for all types of mystery shops utilizing web based evaluations, enhancing each experience with regularly updated dashboard reporting. Priding ourselves on the highest level of in-house care possible, we have set a new standard for the mystery shopping industry and will always be

Become a Mystery Shopper!

Mystery shoppers are the eyes and ears of a typical customer's experience at a business. Your visit and report assists businesses in evaluating customer service, products and services, policies and procedures. Click here to learn more and become a shopper for us. Click here for more info
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