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Shopper FAQs

Q. Who is a mystery shopper and what do they do?
A. A mystery shopper is a male or female, student, stay‐at‐home mom or dad, between full time employment or someone who just wants a little extra spending money. Mystery shoppers visit businesses where they are the eyes and ears of a typical customer’s experience. The shopper visits a business unannounced while acting as a typical customer and providing the best opportunity for the consultant to succeed while gathering information. Afterward an evaluation is completed about the customer service, products and services, policies and procedures.

Q. What is done with the information gathered?
A. The mystery shopping company compiles and audits the information gathered and delivers it to the business who uses the information to better train the consultant that was “shopped”.

Q. Is this legal?
A. Yes. Businesses that hire mystery shopping companies are required to inform their employees and the employees must sign a consent form. Therefore, the employee knows they will be “shopped” however they don’t know when. Business Observations and their clients all comply with state laws and statues regarding mystery shopping.

Q. Is this full time and when do I have to work?
A. Some professional shoppers do work close to full time. But generally mystery shopping is part time, flexible and interesting! Once a mystery shopper receives an assignment, they set their own time to complete it. Businesses to be shopped are generally open 7 days a week and usually from 9am to 5:30pm Monday through Saturday and 11am to 5pm on Sunday.
B. All shops must be completed by a specified deadline. When you receive an assignment, you will need to begin immediately and complete all shops in the assignment on or before the deadline.

Q. What about video shops and the equipment necessary?
A. Video shops are performed unannounced with covert video recording equipment that is about the size of a deck of cards along with a well concealed camera and microphone. The equipment is concealed on the shoppers person. Many shoppers own equipment or Business Observations can provide easy to use equipment with detailed step by step instructions.

Q. Can audio shops be recorded with a cell phone?
A. Some cell phones can be used to record audio shops. An incoming call, text or email cannot interrupt the recording and the recorded file must be uploaded in an MP3 or WAV file to our website.

Q. How much do mystery shops pay?
A. Each type of shop pays differently. A narrative shop, sometimes called a “paper” shop requires possibly a phone call, an onsite visit and completion of the evaluation. An audio or video shop requires more, preparing equipment and uploading the recorded files, so is paid a higher fee. Complexity of the shop and distance can also play a factor. A shop can pay $25.00 and up.

Q. Tell me about the application, Shopper Guidelines and certification.
A. The application to become a shopper asks for demographic, personal information and agreement as an Independent Contractor in all states except Nevada. The Shopper Guidelines contain details common to most mystery shops plus specifics for our company. The certification tests your understanding of our Shopper Guidelines.

Q. What happens after I complete the application and certification?
A. You will receive a notification that your application and certification has been received. When shops are available in your area, one of our schedulers will contact you with information about the shops and to determine your availability in relation to the shop deadline.