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Industry Statistics

We can provide overall industry statistics on typical sales techniques for example:

Fair Housing Violations
For the property management industry, ask us about Fair Housing questions on evaluations that allow you to address and correct violations before fines are assessed saving thousands of dollars.

Follow Up
Relying on email for follow up? Statistics show that approximately 22% of all email is never received. To be effective, follow up needs to occur in multiple ways; phone, email

Repeat Shops
How often do you repeat mystery shops? Statistics show that consultants, who are shopped more than once, increase overall performance by 24% and thier invitation to

Industries Benefited

Every business needs to know how employees interact with clients

Apartment communities
Home builders
Assisted living centers
Condo sales
Condo conversions
Hotels and motels

Retail locations
Banks and financial institutions
Medical offices
Department stores
Convenience and grocery stores
Auto dealerships